Our Boat - Shooting Star

Shooting Star

Shooting Star is 26ft Cygnus Cyclone. They are a superb multi-purpose work horse, capable of 20 knots with a cruising speed with gear on of 12-13 knots. Built in Cornwall Shooting Star was registered in Oban as OB135 and worked much of her life potting for crab and lobster in Scottish waters. She was eventually sold to an Isle of Wight fisherman who we bought her off in 2004. She has recently been re-registered as SU 135

There are lots of pictures of "Shooting Star" in the Gallery.

Shooting Star is powered by a 265hp Perkins and is rigged for potting and set nets. Pots and set nets are known as static gear and are recognised as having minimal environmental impact. We use large mesh sized nets that are very selective whilst allowing immature fish to escape.

Drawing of how tangle nets work
How Tangle Nets Work

Small inshore boats or day boats as they are known are restricted by weather and the whims of nature. They are passive hunters catching what fish that are within their limited operating range. Thus they are recognised by many environmental groups including Greenpeace as fishing in a sustainable way.

If you are concerned about the sustainability of our fish stocks choose day boat fish.

All fish labelled in Captain Stan’s Bembridge Fish Store as local are caught by Shooting Star or other local boats fishing in a low impact way.

By buying this fish you are supporting your local fishing industry.