Loch Fyne


We are proud to sell quality Salmon,  Native Oysters, Rope Grown Mussels and Langoustines from Loch Fyne in Scotland. We decided to use Loch Fyne products because they are a company who care about their produce – where it comes from and how it is cared for, and it tastes great. Find out more from lochfyne.com.

Salmon Fillet

Loch Fyne use Salmon that has been farmed with care and caution by independent companies, dedicated to looking after the local ecology.

Loch Duart and West Ross salmon are their principle suppliers, they were the first two salmon farms to gain RSPCA Freedom Foods accreditation.


Loch Fyne  Oysters are grown naturally, on the shore at Ardkinglas at the head of Loch Fyne, and by  partner growers in Argyll and the Islands.

Different sites have their peak seasons at different times of the year, so a cyclical movement of harvesting sites brings consistency while preserving the subtle changes of taste that go along with each season. The oysters feed entirely naturally on plankton. There is no artificial input, of feed or anything else, at any stage. This is an entirely sustainable activity.


Loch Fyne Mussels are reared on ropes near the loch’s headwaters at Ardkinglas, and by partner growers in Argyll, the Islands and Shetland. The farm occupies just a tiny space in the loch and provides a wonderful floating habitat for birds, fish and mammals.