Frozen Shellfish

Picture of prawns

The prawn is Britain's fourth favourite seafood and we stock a full range of warm and cold water species.

Large cooked warm water crevettes perfect for flashing frying in the wok with chilli and garlic to small pealed cold water prawns ideal for prawn cocktails.

Our kilo boxes of raw tiger prawns are great for marinating and cooking on the barbecue.

We have large raw peeled and de-veined prawns for stir frying or in a prawn and chorizo risotto.

On the fish counter you will find the forever popular pint of great value North Atlantic prawns.

Whenever we can get enough of them we freeze down the elusive Bembridge prawn for that special treat in the colder months.

We keep a stock of Bembridge Ledge crab soup made by the wife of one of our fishermen in the freezer.